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Breton XpressTOP, Smart suite for Top fabrication

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are you looking for a software to manage the whole kitchen top production cycle? 
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Breton, in collaboration with Dietrich Software, realized “XpressTOP”, the most advanced modular solution for those companies aiming at managing the whole kitchen top production cycle and increasing its productivity, reducing costs and being more competitive in a market with ever higher quality standards.

XpressTop Platform allows to . . .
Save resources thanks to a precise and highly detailed management of the process

Monitor the product life during all its phases.

Speed up and check the procurement and picking-up of raw materials for the order processing.

Keep a high quality standard of the product.

Determine the criticality and variables that have affected or may affect the product quality.

Avoid mistakes during production thanks to an accurate knowledge of the BOM (Bill of Materials).

Computerize the whole process, thus minimizing the use of paper trail.

Provide each office with the required technical know-how so as to minimize the need of specialized operators in the various production departments.

Module SALES XpressTop Platform
XpressTop Platform SALES module is specially conceived for the trading department and allows to make quotes for the customer in a simple, quick and reliable way. 
Once the quote has been confirmed, this module allows to generate the production order and to schedule all the activities, so as to respect the agreed delivery date.

• Management of raw material suppliers
• Creation and maintenance of a customer database (contact details, delivery terms, email storage, etc.)
• Sales documents: issue of quotes, sales orders, invoices, etc.
• Price list management
• Scheduling of different activities, such as: measurements at customer’s, production date, shipment, transport, installation and possible technical assistance
• Management of the task assignees (driver, technician for installation and/or measurements, technician for assistance, etc.)
• Sales reports and statistics (orders per month, sales prices before and after discount, internal production costs)
• Real-time visualization of the order status (together with the production module).
• Possible issuing of production estimates according to the current scheduling of the company (together with the production module)
• Possibility of committing or issuing a slab purchase order (together with the inventory module).

Module DESIGN XpressTop Platform
XpressTop Platform DESIGN module is specially conceived for the engineering department and allows to realize even complex projects thanks to the use of CAD interface and libraries with a wide variety of items.

• Creation and maintenance of a customer database (contact details, delivery terms, email storage, etc.)
• Project drawing by means of:
    o CAD functions.
    o parametric shapes.
    o DXF file import.
• Export of the whole project in DXF format.
• Management of the archive containing the developed projects.
• Management and maintenance of DXF files provided by customers. 

• Input of all the information needed for the final project realization (edge shaping, finishing, various items).
• Issue of the Bill of Materials.
• Customized report displaying the project layout.
• Possibility of committing or issuing a slab purchase order (together with the inventory module).
• Issue of a quote on the basis of a specific drawing (together with the sales module).

Module INVENTORY XpressTop            PlatformXpressTop Platform INVENTORY module is specially conceived to manage all the information about raw materials. It allows to follow the various phases of block and slab processing, starting from their purchase.

• Management of raw material suppliers
• Management of raw material purchase prices
• Identification of slab dimensions and characteristics and creation of a digital photo database
• Inventory control and related procurement suggestions, with possible confirmation of the suggested purchase order
• Material tracking within specific warehouse areas
• Tracking of the material dispatched by the supplier or delivered to the customer
• Issue of purchase documents (quote requests, purchase orders, transport documents)
• Possibility to commit some material to sales, production, or transfer from a site to another
• Warehouse inventory management
• Creation and control of slab residues
• Inventory reports and statistics (material handling, purchase orders and invoices). Possible integration of a mobile device for the warehouse management
• Quality control over the purchased material and possible issue of non-compliance instances.

Module PRODUCTION XpressTop Platform
XpressTop Platform PRODUCTION module is specially conceived to program, plan and follow the different phases for the project realization.
By means of a production sheet, it is possible to track the use of raw materials and components, to have a real-time monitoring of the resource employment and status, and to provide the operators with an activity schedule.
This allows to keep track of the finished and semi-finished products that have been produced, as well as of the activities carried out by the operator, so as to minimize mistakes.


• Creation and maintenance of a customer database (contact details, delivery terms, email storage, etc.)
• Definition of the production process for each piece
• Slab and piece tracking on the various machining centers
• Programming of the slab cutting scheme and 3D rendering display
• Easy programming of the different machining centers for stone contouring
• Automatic transmission of the working schedules to Breton machines
• Scheduling of the production phases
• Forecast of the time needed to realize a project
• Analysis of multiple solutions to realize each piece
• Check of the progress of each order phase (cutting, contouring, packing, installation etc.)
• Management of the production capacity and work load of each machine
• Production reports and statistics (number of processed orders, processing times, production costs, etc.)
• Check of rejected or broken pieces and their reintegration in the process
• Sorting out of material requests to the different warehouses: slabs, residues, pieces (together with the inventory module).

With XpressTop, you can go from an IDEA ...

. . . to the REALITY

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Sergio Prior

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