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Monday, 6 November 2017

Four Breton Abbey Masonry & Restoration machines used to build a beautiful chapel

There are many ways to remember a person who is no longer with us.

In Great Britain, a man decided to build a chapel in the garden of his house.
To accomplish this, he relied on Abbey Masonry & Restoration: a Welsh company based in Llanelli (Carmarthenshire) focusing on restoration, architectural elements and specialized in sacred art since 2001, the year in which it was founded.

Step by step 
A distinctive project, made entirely of stone, which began from scratch: first step was the design of the structure, which was externally wrapped in a sheet metal skeleton during its construction phase in order to protect it from the inclemency of the frequent British rains.

Abbey Masonry built 95% of the finished chapel using many types of natural stone:  Portland, Bath Stone and Irish Kilkenny limestone made up the largest proportions.

The workshop was directed by Anthony Kleinberg, who relied on its fleet of Breton machines for the complex machining required.

At Abbey Masonry, we produced at least 95% of the finished chapel and all the stone we produced was made on the Breton CNC bridge saw Speedycut FK/NC 1100, the Breton CNC bridge saw Smart-Cut 800, the Breton Contourfive NC 700 five axes with lathe and our Breton Contourfive NC 1000 Five Axes”.

“It has taken approximately two years to complete the project and approximately 500T of finished masonry”, explains Kleinberg.

Significant volumes that required a considerable production effort, given the complexity and variety of the pieces that went into were needed to erect the sacred building. 

All the machines ran 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with stopping only for loading and re-loading. In fact, all our Breton machines have not been switched off for nearly two years”, points out Anthony Kleinberg of Abbey Masonry & Restoration. 

Breton, technological partner
We feel it would have been impossible to carry out such a major work without the use of our wonderful Breton machines. Also, Breton provided us with outstanding back-up, whether it be program-running advice, or strategy”, continues Kleinberg.

Performance and precision
For the absolute precision of the works leaving the Llanelli workshop, Abbey Masonry, whose core business is restoration, has supplemented its CNC machining centres with laser scanners to digitize and replicate complex and elegant works such as sculptures or carvings.

It is also important to point out that during the construction of the chapel, no joint was allowed to be larger than 2mm.

The work of art
After two years of intense work, the sheet metal covers were raised to reveal the chapel in all of its beauty and grandeur. 

Perhaps it is unfortunate that not everyone can appreciate this work of art. However, it is a monument to one of the strongest and most innate personal bonds, the one with faith.

Let us know what you think of this magnificent work of art in the comments section.
For more information about the performance of Breton machines performances and 5-axis CNC machining centres, write to

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Sergio Prior

Monday, 9 October 2017

Smartflex - CNC cutting centre with three cutting spindles, belt rotating work bench and twist head

Equipped with three cutting spindles, one of which mounted on a rotating head that is also equipped with workpiece suction cups in order to optimise the surface area to be cut.

Tool for chamfering and cutting at the same time
Perfect for the production of panels with chamfered edges. It is no more necessary to perform the next chamfer on a different machine.


Breton SmartFlex is the most productive and flexible solution, ideal for fabshops specialised in both medium-large series production for the building trade and single slab optimization procedures for the furniture sector (kitchens, bathrooms, etc.).
In the single slab process with cuts optimisation using exclusively the rotating spindle with vacuum lifting tool, the Breton SmartFlex is transformed precisely into a Breton Smartcut Optima.

For more information about Smartflex, please write to
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Sergio Prior

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Breton Smartflex: the ideal solution for the laboratories of the building-furnishing sector

Article first published on MM International n. 98
Towards the end of the 70s, Luigi Scapin, with his three sons Vincenzo, Gianni and Romeo, built the first factory specialized in the crafting of stones for the building sector. Scamar-Scapin Marbles was then born in Tombolo (PD, Italy).

The company works with natural stone, marble, granite and engineered stone for building construction and furniture design.

The company's core business is kitchen worktops, alongside several related products: bathroom counter-tops, table tops and furniture accessories, floor and wall surfaces, bath tubs, carved blocks and sculptures.

The first step for the company’s success was to increase the level of precision of the work processes, which was achieved by adapting the existing machine tools and purchasing the first NC stone working machines.

The second step was to change the company’s name with one that communicate confidence: "Marmo Arredo, the stones for the furniture".

The most important markets for Marmo Arredo are currently Italy and other European countries, in relation to the daily output of kitchen tops, bathroom tops and furniture accessories. On the worldwide stage, the company operates through contracts or with custom-made projects.

In the near future Marmo Arredo envisions a more heterogeneous market demand that includes both engineered and natural stones, as well as a significant increase in ceramic based materials.

Marmo Arredo is now on the market more and more effectively and efficiently and its research vocation is constantly being proved by constant development of state-of-the-art patents and technologies; in this being also supported by custom-made machineries and solutions developed by Breton. 

Breton has recently provided a SmartFlex: a CNC cutting center with 3 spindles, belt rotating work bench and twist head. One of the spindles comes with a head with suction cups for taking the material and optimizing the surface to be cut. It is a flexible and productive solution, ideal for building products and home furnishings (kitchens, bathrooms, etc.).

The company has specific and complex needs and was looking for an advanced multi-disk cutter that could easily and quickly combine inclined and non-orthogonal contour cut-outs for construction jobs with more complex cuts typical of applications for the furnishing sector.

SmartFlex, thanks to the ability to make sloping cuts on a variety of product types, and to easily use drilling tools, is an "excellent, fast and accurate tool".
Remote programming of the machine without on-site human intervention is another essential advantage which facilitates the production process.

Compared to previous machines, SmartFlex is steps ahead both from the mechanical point of view (higher speed and precision) as well as for the handling of materials.
The machine at some moments "seems to be dancing: the combined movements of spindles and disks are fast, harmonious and accurate".

Thanks to on-the-field experience and Breton collaboration, the company will be able to further refine the software to optimize slab load / unload and tool change cycles, and to further enhance the overall cutting optimization algorithm.

“Breton S.p.A., since 1963 innovation and technology at the service of the operators”.

For more information or requests please write to
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Sergio Prior

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Marmomac 2017: Breton preview for stoneworks

This year Breton is showing up in great style at the most important Italian fair for stoneworks, scheduled September 27-30 in Verona (Italy)

Our booth, covering more than 1.400sqm will be located in Hall 4.

Here's what you will find:

Worthy OPTIMA: CNC monoblock bridge saw with rotating head, fixed bench and suction cups.
Smart-Cut 550 OPTIMA: interpolated axis multipurpose cutting center.

Smartflex: CNC cutting center with 3 spindles and integrated "Multicup" suction system.
Contourbreton NC 300 K19 EVO: CNC contouring machine with small footprint, large workout runs and maximum accessibility to the Metalquartz® workbench.

Contourfive NC 1200: CNC work center, ideal for the production of large and complex 3D-shaped parts.

Combicut DJ/NC: CNC bridge saw + waterjet with 5 interpolated axes.
The machine will be working on cutting ceramic slabs and Lapitec.

Do not miss the Digital Fabshop Area where we will showcase new software for our machines, and a Breton composite stone area, with the innovative Bretonstone®, Bretonstone Cement® and BretonTerastone®.

There's more! There will be the world premiere of our new Hyperock technology, shown in a special exhibition area.

For further info, please write to
Thanks for your attention.
See you soon,
Sergio Prior