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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Breton at TISE 2017

Hello everybody,
Breton USA is waiting for you at TISE 2017!
come and see us at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas at booth #3036 f
rom January 18th through the 20nd.

The International Surface Event - SURFACES StonExpo/Marmomacc Americas TileExpo combine in one spectacular location to form The International Surface Event, a mega event, featuring the most extensive display of floor covering, natural & engineered stone, tile products and educational offerings in the world!


Do you know that in Tise West we'll expose Breton COMBICUT
Click on the image and discover its strenghts explained by our sales manager, Gerry Vanderbras.


Breton COMBICUT, CNC cutting center with 5 axes and spindle rotating around its axis, holding a diamond blade inclinable from 0° to 90° and a Waterjet unit.
Breton COMBICUT combines and alternates the cutting with diamond blade and Waterjet according to preset programs and/or at will: this allows to optimize cuts thus ensuring waste minimization (there is no need to move the slab or workpieces). It is also possible to perform rectilinear and complex, curvilinear cuts.

Click here for more information.

LOCATION > Mandalay Bay Center, Booth 3036
EXPO HOURS > January 18, 19: 9 am-5 pm, January 20: 9 am-3 pm

See you at #TISE2017.
Sergio Prior

Monday, 19 December 2016

Are you looking for a CNC bridge saw to speed up your work? This is the right machine for you!

Hello everybody,
today I’m going to share with you a video showing some of our customers using Breton’s numerical control bridge saw Breton Smart-Cut 550 OPTIMA.


What to say
As you could see, this is a very flexible numerical control bridge saw for marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, ceramics, Lapitec® and engineered stone. Its integrated vacuum cup system allows to lift and move cut pieces , thus optimizing the slab surface and reducing the processing time.

Well, that's all for today.If you are interested in the CNC bridge saw Breton Smart-Cut 550 OPTIMA, you can receive all the necessary information and a quotation by writing to

Thank you for the attention.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year.
Sergio Prior

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Contourbreton NC300 EVO 4-axes CNC contouring machine

Contourbreton NC300 EVO - 4-axes CNC contouring machine.  The force of experience.

The new 
Contourbreton NC 300 K 19 EVO comes from the experience of the previous Contourbreton models, countless examples of which have been sold worldwide with great success.

Contourbreton NC 300 K 19 EVO has 3,200 mm of “X” working travel, 1,950 mm “Y” and 300 mm “Z”.
Its generous vertical travel of 300 mm allows thick decorative elements to be machined easily.

Contourbreton NC 300 K 19 EVO is equipped with manually opening doors with safety interlock switch that provide safety and sound proofing functions.
The work table is made of a single piece of a special quartz-based polymeric material, Metalquartz®, which ensures stability, durability and facilitates placing the vacuum pods as well as making it easy to clean the machining residues.

It features also the best front access ergonomics thanks to the wide doors, the lower work table and the step built into the structure of the machine.

The automatic tool magazine has 12+12 locations.

The strong electro-welded structure ensures the rigidity needed for any kind of machining.

Rack / pinion systems and Siemens brushless motors drive the mobile bridge and the spindle unit. 
A gantry system drives the mobile bridge. 
Linear guides with recirculating balls and precision encoders guarantee the movement accuracy.

• Tool cooling with internal and external water supply.
Spindle vertical travel of 300 mm, with distance of 520 mm from spindle nose to work table enabling to perform slotting on small blocks.
The spindle is mounted on a very rigid cast iron structure to minimize flexion even under heavy milling loads or when embossing.
• Digital motors.
Vacuum system with frontal controls, conveniently located for the operator.
“Rapid” displacements of up to 50 metres per minute.
• Liquid-ring vacuum pump with high performance and low maintenance costs.
In-line tool magazine located on both internal sides of the machine, with 12 + 12 locations.
• ISO 40 standard tool mounting shank, effective and efficient.

Continuous work table made of Metalquartz®, a special patented quartz-based composite material with a polymeric matrix, specially engineered to ensure the same high rigidity and expansion coefficient as steel.
Power spindle built by Breton, closed-circuit liquid cooled with three large-diameter high-performance ceramic bearings, 15 kW at 12,000 rpm, specifically designed and built for machining stone, engineered stone and ceramics.


Contourbreton NC 300 EVO incorporates the ultimate generation Siemens Sinumerik 840D SL computer numerical control (CNC) with digital control compatible with PC architecture, and a PC with Windows 7 operating system.

The control board is swivelling, provided with keypad and graphic display on the colour touch screen and USB port.

A portable button panel is cable-linked to the main console and duplicates the machine controls (axes management + handwheel, emergency machine shut-down, etc.).
In that way, the operator can closely monitor that some particularly delicate operations are being carried out correctly, directly on the workpiece being machined.


- Head for milling and honing grooves, even on inclined surfaces, with relative toolholder. 

- Head for machining hole sinks with 90° corners and polished internal grooving, with relative toolholder. 

- Contact tool setting probe for checking the length of tools and the diameter of blades. 

- Laser tool setting probe for checking the profile, diameter and length of tools.

- Contact probe for the surface/planarity of the workpiece.

- Polishing and brushing head to be applied manually.

- Double-acting vacuum cups. 

- “Laser” projector of the piece and suction cup shapes.

- Vertical-blade cutting head.

- Cutting unit with 45° inclined blade

Aggiungi didascalia

Well, that's all for today.
If you are interested in the new CNC contouring machine for kitchen countertops Contourbreton NC300 K19 EVOyou can receive all the necessary information and a quotation by writing to

Thank you for the attention and best regards.
Sergio Prior

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

With the Waterjet Hydrofinish there is no limits for marble and granite surfaces!

Hydrofinish from the Waterjet Corporation is an innovative accessory for finishing. It works on the stone material surface by using a high-pressure water jet.

This process allows the stone to remain the original color, gives the ability to select the degree of roughness that will best suit the intended application, and having this surface treatment applied to any stone thickness. 
There are just a few of the advantages the process offers.

The degree of erosion, achieved through the various pressures available, create different surface finishes which become even more unique and eye-catching, thanks to the colorful patterns of natural stone.

How the WATERSTONE® Technology works
The WaterStone™   technology is the most ecological and easy-to-operate surfaces texturing process:
- further processing is not needed.
- It doesn 't produce mechanical and thermal deformation.
- It is easy to operate because the same tools and the same conditions can be used with the majority of materials

All the above allows reduction of manufacturing time and costs in every sector. Also, thanks to the PLC database that provides with a simple click a customized work plan for any material and thickness, with a simple click

Four important elements define the degree of roughness:
- Working Pressure.

- Height of nozzle.
- Working trolley and nozzle speed.

The perfect combination of these four parameters will create a variey of smooth textures on the surface of the stone with different results for each specific material.

• Exaltation of the natural color of the material (no yellowing)
• Variation of the roughness finish
• Environmentally friendly process that is smoke, pollution and heat free
• Any material thickness (> 10 mm.) texturing process.


The Hydrofinish accessory can be installed on the Classica or on any other waterjet machines in the range of Waterjet Corporation.

If you are interested in the Hydrofinish accessory of Waterjet Corporation, you can receive all the necessary information and a quotation by writing to

Thank you for the attention and best regards.
Sergio Prior

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Breton provides you with a custom-made machine!

The history of Margraf - formerly Industria Marmi Vicentini - started in 1906 in Chiampo, a town in the Province of Vicenza.
Right from the start the company focused on research and technological innovation and, in particular, on the close cooperation with renowned international architects.

Today, after more than 100 years, Margraf rightly joins the world leaders of the stone sector

Masterly quarrying marble blocks from their own deposits to cut them into polished slabs or tiles and offering a wide range of highly valued material and top-of-the-range products for the construction industry and architecture (from interior to external cladding, up to furnishing complements for bathrooms and  kitchens), are just some of the features that made Margraf a well-known and highly appreciated company worldwide.

However, all this did not prevent Margraf from staying focused on the respect for the environment, on the contrary the company invested in many facilities which reduce any environmental damage: most innovative technologies, projects for landscape recovery, strong investments in energy saving and renewable  resources.

Contourbreton NC300 DUAL
Past and present merge perfectly in Margraf, a leading company rushing into the future with enthusiasm.

This year, Margraf purchased a Contourbreton NC 300 DUAL, equipped with a double work bench.
Key success factors of Contourbreton NC 300 DUAL:
– Thanks to the double work bench and the automatic powered doors, workpieces can be loaded/unloaded without affecting machine productivity rates.
Spindle vertical travel of 300mm, with a distance of 520mm between spindle nose and work bench, to enable dish-out machining on small blocks.
– The support structure of the machine is a robust welded, normalised steel single-piece chassis which ensures the rigidity required to consistently obtain the desired precision at all times, even during heavy machining stress .
two 17+17-cell “in line” tool magazine, well protected against splashes
top quality electronic and mechanical components
excellent after-sales service both in terms of repairs and response time
– thanks to its flexibility in changing type of machining, the machine productivity is excellent even when non-standard workpieces are to be produced.

For technical and commercial information on the CNC stone router for kitchen top Contourbreton NC300 DUAL, write to:
We’ll get back to you promptly.
Thank you for the attention and best regards.
Sergio Prior

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