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Friday, 9 September 2016

Breton at MARMOMACC 2016 in Verona

Good morning,
there are less than 3 weeks left for Marmomacc 2016, to begin. This fair, the most important international event in the stone-working sector, will be held in Verona from September28th to October, 1st.

Here is a list of the machines that Breton will exhibit in Pav. n. 4, in a more than 1.400sqm wide area.

Come and see more closely:

1 -
The innovative polisher for marble slabs.

The 3-spindle CNC cutting center.

The contouring machine for kitchen countertops, ideal for small workshops.

The bridge saw with suction cups that needs no foundations.

2 machines in 1: disk+waterjet.

The 5-axis waterjet saw. 

7 - BM for Breton
The marble gangsaw with block raising system.

Don’t miss the Digital Fabshop Area, where you can test new software to manage Breton machines, nor Breton Composite Stone Area, with the innovative Bretonstone®, Bretonstone Cement® and BretonTerastone® slabs.

We look forward to meet you from Wednesday, 28th September at: Pav. 4 - stand A6-A7-A8-B6-B8-C7-C8.

That’s all for now, thank you for your attention.
Best regards.
Sergio Prior

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Waterjet CLASSICA - Numerical control, 3 or 5-axis water jet saw to cut marble, ceramic, granite and engineered stone

CNC 3/5-axis water jet saw to cut marble, ceramic, granite and engineered stone.

Waterjet Corporation is the well-known Italian company that has, since 1991, been producing waterjet cutting machines used in the stone and metal machining fields, the latter being an industry which requires top performances and precision.
Breton, in order to complete its range of machines for natural and engineered stone processing fabshops, entered into a cooperation agreement with Waterjet Corporation granting exclusive rights for distribution of their cutting machines, all of which are precise, powerful, fast and equipped with a pump of up to 6200 bar (option).
1 - The movement accuracy of each single machine is tested and checked through laser and Renishaw ball bar test.

2 - Built-in tank in stainless steel throughout with 8 mm gauge bottom.
3 - The axes move through hardened helical racks and pinions (Alpha WittesteinGermany) and linear slideways with preloaded bearings (Bosch Rexroth).

4 - WaterCad™ is the software specially developed for the 2D processing; it generates simply and quickly any cutting path with a variety of options: automatic looping and tags insertion, automatic standard cut, small bridges for a one-run cut.

Using WaterCad™, it is possible to select the quantities and different pieces to be added in one or more slabs.
The Automatic Nesting function is very helpful for optimizing production and minimizing waste.

The exclusive 3D and 2D Bevel cutting system uses an automatically positioned touch probe to maintain constant distance from the nozzle AUTOMATICALLY, thus protecting the nozzle during plane cutting with ± 69° interpolated tilt or with I.T.C. technology.
A diaphragm pump creates vacuum conditions to draw in sludge automatically. Operation is made easy by an air injection system that keeps the abrasive in motion in the tank. The abrasive settles in the mobile external tank while the water flow is returned to the cutting machine tank. 

1 - Another optional outfit is the I.T.C.™ system that corrects the natural tapering of the cut by compensating the high pressure water jet through the Numerical Control. The I.T.C.™ system guarantees top quality products
Using the compensation of the I.T.C.™ system, the jet of water is also directed against the feed direction to minimize the so-called “tail effect”, thus reducing the acceleration and deceleration ramps when approaching the angles for a faster and more efficient cutting cycle. 

2 - The EDGE 5 model system with 5 interpolated axes for controlling taper and 2D ±55° inclined cutting is ideal for inclined cutting, required, for instance, to obtain 45° grooves. 
Touch probe system for accurate positioning of Z axis to obtain flawless grooves.
The I.T.C.™ system is included in the package.

3 - Digital camera.

4 - The KMT Streamline PRO pump with maximum pressure of 6200 bar can be supplied as an option. 
With the 6200 bar pump, all other conditions being equal, cutting speed increases significantly and cutting cost per linear metre is reduced. 

5Hexagon automatic calibration system: optional accessory that facilitates user calibration of the cutting head thanks to an automatic calibration program installed directly on the CNC

Perfect cuts for invisible 45° joints

Well, that's all for today.
If you're interested in Waterjet CLASSICA write to
We’ll get back to you promptly.
Thank you for the attention and best regards.
Sergio Prior

Friday, 22 July 2016

Marmo Arredo - a successful company

Romeo, Gianni e Vincenzo Scapin
Short company history 
The company was incorporated at the end of the 1970s.
The first factory, specialised in stone fabrication for building construction, was built by Patriarch Luigi Scapin and his sons, Vincenzo, Gianni and Romeo. This was the beginning of Scamar, Scapin Marmi
Over the early years demand from the building sector make it possible to grow the business, and its focus on innovation allowed the company to become the first stone fabricator to offer stone elements for interior design and furniture, in which the market was wide open with tremendous potential for growth. 
The first step was to increase the level of precision of the work processes, which was achieved by adapting the existing machine tools and purchasing the first NC stone working machines.

The second step was to rename the company in a more market-oriented manner: the new name, Marmo Arredo, is literally “marble” and “furniture.  
Success under the new name was instant and the percentage of sales made through this new line of business began to grow steadily to the point that a working fabshop was gradually transformed into a thriving industrial concern

Alongside developments in the production cycle, the company started to look into the use of new materials and identified engineered stone as the ideal material for interior décor and furniture.

Marmo Arredo was the first fabricator to understand the potential of this material, transforming it and promoting it throughout Italy and the rest of the world
Thanks to technological developments and the arrival of new materials, the company expanded rapidly, installing the very latest machinery and setting up the first automated feeding and cutting cycles. 
The machining systems were gradually perfected, gaining millimetres of precision and slashing machining times, but the art of the craftsman has always been retained in the finishing processes, which are still performed manually by skilled masons.

With the dawn of the new Millennium and the experience accumulated, the company set itself a new goal: to automate the entire production process, from the arrival of the raw material to the creation of the semi-finished product.
Marmo Arredo at EUROCUCINA 2016 fair

A futuristic new plant was inaugurated in 2006: a Breton automated warehouse with two continuous processing lines. This is a world-first plant for series production of kitchen worktops in particular: constantly evolving, the plant is the motive force driving the company's prodigious production capacity.

In the same period, burgeoning demand for high thickness worktops led to the incorporation of Eulithe, a specialist in the production of rigid polyurethane foam of various densities.

The company's aim is to meet demand for a non-absorbent antibacterial material to be used as a structural support for lightweight tops.  
With its new patented formulation, Eulithe produces chips rather than dust when it is machined and it has met with significant success over the years to the point of creating an alternative market; five years after the startup the product name became the name of an independent company in 2008.

The onset of the economic recession at the end of 2000 had only a marginal impact on the business because the high level of past investments had produced a solid and compact organisation ready to face contingent setbacks and even allowing for expansion in 2010 with the acquisition of Quartzforms, an engineered stone production plant (Bretonstone - here you can read his history) located in Magdeburg, Germany.

Controlling the entire production process and overall process quality now became a reality, from the raw material to the finished product.
Marmo Arredo is now present on the market in an increasingly proactive and efficient manner, and the company's vocation for research is shown by the continuous registration of new patents and development of advanced technological solutions. This forward-looking approach led to the company's most recent initiative: the Offmat research laboratory.

How has your business performed over the past year (also in terms of sales):
What was the situation at the close of 2015?

The growth trends are proceeding in the right direction. Over the past five years Marmo Arredo has consistently achieved growth in sales of double-figures, while Quartzforms has actually quadrupled its turnover since 2012 (the year of its entry onto the world market).

How is the market performing in your sector?
How has your market changed due to the recession and what are the possible strategies needed to overcome negative conditions in this period?

Our sector is affected by trends in the furniture sector, which is currently recovering despite some continuing setbacks. The downturn allowed us to perfect and optimise our products and processes, leading us to focus on customer retention by refining our offering of services, including technical assistance and maintenance, and by concentrating on reliable deliveries and packaging systems, coordination from the project stage through to the time of installation, and research into alternative materials. 

What do you produce? 
Marmo Arredo converts natural stone, marble, granite and engineered stone for building construction and furniture design.
The company's core business is kitchen worktops, alongside several related products: bathroom counter-tops, table tops and furniture accessories, floor and wall surfaces, bath tubs, carved blocks and sculptures
Marmo Arredo at EUROCUCINA 2016 fair

Quartzforms is a manufacturer of engineered stone slabs.

Eulithe produces rigid polyurethane foam of various densities, packaged in blocks or assembled with other materials in sandwich panels.

What are your most important markets? 
The most important markets for Marmo Arredo are currently Italy and other European countries in relation to the daily output of kitchen tops, bathroom tops and furniture accessories. On the worldwide stage the company operates through contracts or with custom-made projects.

Do you have any plans to extend your range of action?
Quartzforms is growing rapidly worldwide, from Australia to South America, the Arab states and the Far East, with product distribution also in the US and Canada.
Conversely, the company operates in Europe through a close-knit sales network supported also by a new warehouse in Verona (Volargne) inaugurated in May 2016 in a logistically strategic location to optimise the level of service delivered to our customers.

What technical and technological innovations are likely to emerge in the near future in your areas of operation?
We believe the future will see the integration within worktops of all the functional elements the surface can support, depending on the application: wireless chargers that will be developed to the point that they can power small home appliances, capacitive and touchless systems to control operating modes, mechanical movements for recessed sinks or storage compartments that are flush with the top surface when not in use, integrated scales and induction hobs, ventilation systems and cyclone separator hoods built into the worktop.
To support such complex integrated functions manufacturing precision and production techniques must be ramped up to the nth degree in order to shave tolerances and bring the material machining capabilities to their limit conditions.

Use of Breton machinery.
Which models do you own?
The models currently installed in the group's facilities are as follows:

Marmo Arredo
1 Contouring machine Contourbreton NC 180
Contouring machine Contourbreton NC 160
Contouring machine Contourbreton NC 350
Contouring machine Contourbreton NC 400
1 Bridge saw Smart-Cut OPTIMA 800L
2 Combicut: Bridge saw + Waterjet
1 Multicut TAP 7-spindle automatic trimming machine 
1 GoldenGroove automatic machine for cutting straight V-profile grooves 
1 automated slabs warehouse complete with handling system
2 complete plants for the production of Bretonstone slabs
2 slab polishing lines

Improvements in terms of quality, speed, etc. with respect to other products used previously?
Breton machines are a point of reference for our company for two reasons: the quality of the products and the company's nearby geographical location, which has led to ongoing collaboration between the two firms over a period of around thirty years. The benefits are many and they vary in relation to the machine models chosen from Breton's extensive range. The mechanical robustness of the machines and their outstanding precision is backed up by highly functional and intuitive software, with facilitated interaction for standard operations.

After-sales service and support? 
One of the key aspects and main advantages of working with Breton is the exceptional level of after-sales service, which offers a rapid response in emergencies and is manned by highly skilled and helpful technicians.

For more information and prices, on the Breton machines, contact
We’ll get back to you promptly.
Thank you for the attention and best regards.

Sergio Prior

Monday, 13 June 2016

Altar created by Odone Marmi on the Breton Shapemill machining centre

Objectively, artists rather than machinists. 
Master craftsmen rather than stone fabricators

Odone Angelo has been a point of reference in the creation of marble and granite products since 1950. The company's fabshop in Vercelli produces a succession of authentic artworks in natural stone thanks to their strategy of combining the unparalleled technology of the machines with the craftsmanship and machine programming skills of their expert workforce. 
The Vercello-based company, which designs and produces urban furniture, interiors, wall surfacessculpted solid items, floor surfaces and furnishing accessories, all strictly fashioned in stone and highly sought-after by building construction professionals seeking high quality and the most contemporary design.    

What's the best way to create granite and marble objects, sculptures, and furniture with a truly distinctive style? With a Breton 5-axis machining centre for cutting and shaping duties. 
Odone chose a Shapemill, a magic wand for its technical people, who have been able to flaunt all their expertise in the work processes thanks to the incredible potential of this versatile stone working machine.

Faster machining times = higher quality
As we can see from the photo, one of this machine's pluses is a very large worktable that can accept multiple parts for unmanned machining operations carried out overnight or on weekends, with ever higher performance levels.

The features of the Shapemill 5-axis machining centre include: rapid traverse at up to 40 m/min, and an exceptionally powerful 39.6 kW electrospindle. 

One of Angelo Odone's most recent creations is a magnificent church altar.

Marbles used for the project:
- Black Marquinia
- Macchia Vecchia
- Breccia Medicea
- Yellow Siena
- Red France


Optimal ratio between robustness and machining precision 
The structural frame and enclosure are executed to perfection to allow easy cleaning and maintenance: Breton Shapemill is an ultra-compact machining centre offering easy accessibility and all the accuracy assured by a 5-axis numerical controller.

All the machine's electronic and mechanical components are of impeccable quality
To provide an example, we've equipped the machine with a numerical controller of the very latest generation: the Siemens Sinumerik 840D SL.

27 tools available
Antonio Canova worked with chisel and hammer. And with its Shapemill, Odone has a 27-position tool magazine (protected from machining spray) for shaping, contouring, turning, and cutting slabs or blocks, plus a 2-position saw blades magazine (accessory). 
That can be compared to a palette for artists/technicians, with each colour represented by a specific tool for high precision machining operations. 
The photos show the stages involved in the creation of the altar components, all highly complex and with unique design features calling for the use of several different tools.
Shapemill is the 5-axis CNC machining centre par excellence for sacred furniture, monuments and funeral art.

Here we see the altar installed in the church of Parrocchia S. Maria Assunta in Netro (Biella).

Turning machining process
Turning operations are deserving of mention: Breton Shapemill can turn diameters of up to 1,600mm (Shapemill 1600) with an effective turning length of 3,200mm.

The following short video clips show the machining of individual parts:

Breton After-sales service
If any problem should occur Breton guarantees a level of after-sales service that is acclaimed by hundreds of customers for thousands of machines installed all over the world. 

Fast response times, authorised service centres and tele-service to ensure we're always alongside users: a simple Internet link means Breton technicians can provide adequate real-time support by interacting with the machine controller.

For more information and prices, on the 5-axes stone working center Breton Shapemill, contact
We’ll get back to you promptly.
Thank you for the attention and best regards.

Sergio Prior

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